Let us help you boost revenue, increase customer delight, and make a better world.

Integrate the latest insights about how people think into your company’s pitch, product, or site.

Whether you need help attracting new customers, increasing their engagement, or making their experience a delight so they come back again and again, you’ll find what you need here.

Workshops and Teleseminars

Motivation Engineers and company founder Paul Sas have helped teams at Intuit, E-Trade, Varo, Lyft, Kissmetrics, and Robots and Pencils among others to apply the insights of Behavioral Economics to their products to generate millions of additional dollars in revenue and use live data from thousands of customers to make the best possible decisions and increase net promoter score—meaning, to make customers so happy they keep coming back and recommend the product to others.

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Self-Study Programs

Introduction to Behavioral Economics for Executives is a 4-week online self-study course that teaches you how to apply the insights of Behavioral Economics to your business decision-making.

 By the end of the course, you will understand the irrational biases that shape people’s choices, and how to make small changes in design or organization that can make huge differences in user experience. If you are at the pitch stage in a new start-up, you can use these insights to make your pitch stronger and gain support. If your product already exists, or even already has thousands of users like the financial services products at E-Trade and Intuit, you can use these insights to make the decisions you need to attract the attention of new potential customers and to boost revenue and engagement.

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Direct Design Strategy and Behavioral Economics Guidance for Teams

You don’t have to do it alone. You don’t even have to learn it yourself. Bring the Motivation Engineers team on-site to work directly with your design or executive team to integrate this knowledge of how people think into your product design from the ground up. Or use it when you are at the point of redesign or adding a new feature, before you invest the time and energy into big changes.  

Answer these questions:

• Which of the options we are considering will be the best for our business and our customers in the long term?

• How can we guide customers toward choices that will give them the most benefit?

• What small changes to our product or site that will lead us to the results we are looking for?

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Support your Decisions with Data and Research

Our team can test any decision: we translate vague and amorphous preferences into a clear and data-driven analysis you can apply right away. Statistical analyses of any key problem at hand come right to your inbox, along with a full explanation of what the data means.  E-mail Paul for more information

Private Behavioral Economics Mentoring and One-on-One Support

Learn all you need to know, or work directly with Motivation Engineers to bring the insights of this emergent field into your own work or that of your company.