Predicting and Harnessing Irrational Biases

Predicting and Harnessing Irrational Biases

In this second post, I need to introduce the fundamental fact of behavioral strategy: If you know the emotions your product evokes, you know the choice they’ll make. My first post (Design as Choice Architecture) sketched 3 domains where behavioral economics can facilitate ‘making good choices.

Today’s topic focuses on How Irrational Behaviors Undermine Self-Interest. My next post examines Why Tracking/Goal-Setting Fails. Our final overview dives into How Belonging is often a social animal’s strongest drive.

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Design as Choice Architecture

As software continues to nibble through every human sphere, there’s one constraint that won’t change: the human mind. This is the first in a series of posts to introduce relevant psychological concepts that designers must learn to guide choosers (a more accurate term than ‘users.) By introducing the concept of Choice Architecture, I hope to explain read more