A frequent speaker on the principles of behavioral economics and design strategies informed by psychological research, Paul Sas's interactive style inspires executives, product designers and market research teams to engage their creativity and use the latest psychological principles to kick-start innovative product design. Motivation Engineers offers a wide variety of venues from keynotes and presentations to hands-on workshops and Teleseminars.

Whether it's a gathering of market research executive teams, innovative design groups or thought leaders, Paul Sas has an array of topics that can be adapted to your organization, group, or company's needs. He brings creative spark, deep expertise in the latest research, and a touch of irreverent humor to product design, app and website development, venture capital pitches, and a range of topics to help you boost revenue and improve customer experience. To inquire about availability or discuss the needs of your organization please contact us.


Paul Sas has given workshops and presentations at Stanford University's Department of Computer Science and Stanford Summer School, IDEO, Intuit Innovation Summit, ESI, and others. He has trained dozens of teams in Behavioral Design in keynotes and presentations, as well as half day, full-day, and multi-day workshops.

Paul has deep practical expertise at optimizing and re-framing flow / intrinsic motivation, mindset, and emotions. His presentations can help you leverage all of the research insights into how people express their feelings and reveal their preferences for your own product design. In his research in industry he has worked to understand delight, engagement, active use, and conversion. He has worked extensively on original models of customer experience, particularly focused on the connection between business outcomes and emotions. Through his workshops and presentations you can practice applying the insights of Behavioral Economics through understanding motivation, leveraging experimental design, hands-on prototyping, and applying the insights from quantitative research and statistics for the biggest impact.

Presentation Topics

Getting Started: Behavioral Economics for Executives

Smart Design: Applying Behavioral Economics to Interaction Design

Emotional Engagement - Designing with the Heart in Mind

Don’t Believe Everything You See (or Think): Optical Illusions as a window on Intuitive Biases

Putting the "Me" in DIFM (Do it for Me/Designing Bots): Insights from Behavioral Economics

Wellness, Wealth Management, & Will Power: Interaction Design through the Lens of Behavioral Economics

How to Design for People's Real Goals

The Psychology of E-Commerce: Choice Overload and other Paradoxes

What's the Net Pleasure? The Hedonics of Web Interactivity

Half-day workshops can effectively introduce product managers, designers, and developers to the power of psychology as the lever to change customer behavior.

Full-day workshops can take product managers, designers, and developers toward prototyping products and using the specific leverage of psychology to change customer behavior.

Multi-day workshops deploy IDEO-style design thinking to dive deep into customer empathy, viewing pain points and needs from a psychologically informed perspective, and iterating on prototypes that bring these insights into product experience.